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Marketing Plan Powerpoint Template


Marketing Plan are central to corporate management and help to plan revenue-increasing measures as well as to analyze and assess advertising campaigns. Thus, successful marketing plans can be created and adjusted to current circumstances and enhance your economic performance. Any of these improving measures rely not only on sophisticated procedures and analyses but also need creative input.

-45 Unique slides in the marketing strategy presentation templates
-90 total slides including (16:9 Widescreen, 4:3) Aspect Ratio
-Professional, Creative & Clean design

I. Market Analysis
1. Market Overview
2. Market Trends
3. Market Size
4. Gender Analysis
5. Competitor Analysis
6. SWOT Analysis
7. Marketing Statistics
8. Market Growth
9. Marketing Facts
10. Market Definition
11. Market Segmentation
12. Market Structure
13. Market Potential

II. Target Analysis
1. Target Comparison
2. Target Customer
3. Target ID

III. Marketing Models
1. Marketing Plan
2. Marketing Mix
3. 4Cs Strategy
4. STP Marketing Mix
5. Development of Marketing

IV. Marketing Strategy
1. Marketing Strategy
2. Marketing Process
3. Action Plan
4. Social Media
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Web Marketing

V. Sales
1. Sale Report


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